The Interactive Media Lab is an interuniversity research center specialised in the field of Education and Media, recognized by the Catalonian Authority (2014 SGR 604).

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Dr. Bartolomé Full Professor

The access exams to obtain the Full Professor rank were held on the 30th and 31st of May at the Department of Didactics and School Organisation of the University of Barcelona.  Dr. Antonio Bartolomé, who is the PI of the group, won the access. Both his academic and professional career and his research on Block Chains and Education were highly valued by the board, who gave him the maximum punctuation.  Congratulations!

9 June, 2017

La música en las Maneras de Representación cinematográfica

Josep Torelló Oliver

Torelló, J. (2015). La música en las Maneras de Representación cinematográfica. Colección Transmedia XXI. Barcelona: Laboratori de Mitjans Interactius.